United Church of Christ

We are a group of dedicated individuals passionate about serving the Lord.

Worship at Amistad Chapel UCC is a spirit-filled opportunity to be embraced in a Jesus community, to grow deeper in sacred awareness of the Holy Spirit and to know the challenge and love of God’s mercy. Music is vibrant. Stories and holy lessons are shared. And each week we gather around the large altar table to feast in communion with Christ.

Amistad Chapel graces the first floor of the national offices of the United Church of Christ, the Church House at 700 Prospect Avenue East in the Historic Gateway Neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. 

A place of marvelous beauty:  From the sound and feel of water the moment you step through its doors, to the magnificent canopy of light and glass overhead as the community gathers at the wooden table that calls us to the feast of God, to a stone floor and the walls that sweep through the space…recognized as a “Cool Space” by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, there is nothing quite like this place in all of the city.

A place of prayer: in the midst of busy downtown Cleveland, you can stop in for a few moments of quiet reflection, or join us for worship that will feed your soul and send you out into the world refreshed and renewed.

A place that tells a story:  The Amistad Chapel design and furnishings remind us of the 19th-century ship, La Amistad, and the captives it carried, whose struggle for freedom – “a story of faith and courage at sea” – inspired our Congregationalist forebears to stand with them in the fight against slavery. Their story continues to inspire our witness for justice for all who are oppressed or marginalized in any way

A place of community:  Amistad Chapel UCC is a gathering of followers of Jesus. We seek to love kindness, do justice and walk humbly with God by living out the United Church of Christ core values of extravagant hospitality, changing lives, and continuing testament. We seek to be a community of Christians who celebrate and live in openness to the voice of the Still Speaking God. We celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of each expression of God’s diverse family as well as our oneness in Christ. As we seek to live Christ’s compassion and promote justice,  healing and wholeness of life, we welcome into our community persons of every gender, sexual orientation,  gender identity and expression, mental and physical ability, age, race, nationality, economic and social status, faith background, marital standing and family structure; and we invite them to share in the life, leadership, ministry, fellowship, worship, sacraments, responsibilities, blessings and joys of our congregation as we seek to grow together in faith and love. 

A sanctuary for all:  Amistad Chapel is both a sacred place for the spiritually hungry and a safe space for all who seek refuge in the all-embracing love of God.​​​​​​​


Everyone is welcome at God's table

Our mission is rooted in the defining values of the United Church of Christ as we seek to follow in the way of Jesus Christ​​​​​​​

We offer an EXTRAVAGANT WELCOME as an open and affirming community of spiritual formation where all are welcome.

We are committed to CHANGING LIVES through our food ministry program supporting those who are in need, and a firm commitment to food/water justice through the ministry of the Western Reserve Association of the United Church of Christ; a member of the Food Security Prophetic Witness Team (as well as the Criminal Justice Prophetic Witness Team) calls Amistad Chapel UCC his church home. We have partnered with Pilgrim Church, St. Paul’s UCC and Trials for Hope in this ministry. We further commit to support the justice witness of the United Church of Christ across a broad spectrum of concerns: racial justice, justice for women, environmental justice, LGBT justice, and building a world of peace through justice and a life of deep spirituality.

We offer the CONTINUING TESTAMENT of the Stillspeaking God through the proclamation of the gospel, with sermons, faith messages, shared reflection, learning experiences, and music that energize one’s spirit and soul.

Whether you live downtown or in the suburbs, whether you’re visiting from out-of-town or coming to work here each day, whether you’re seeking a community of faith or already belong to one, you are invited to be part of this new and exciting urban ministry.

United Church of Christ pastors, along with their church members, often participate in the worship services of the Amistad Chapel. People of all faiths are always welcome, and we often welcome clergy and lay visitors from other denominations.​​​​​​​

In other words, no matter where you are on your faith journey – you are welcome at Amistad Chapel.


We are here for you

We believe in the triune God

Creator, resurrected Christ, the sole Head of the church, and the Holy Spirit, who guides and brings about the creative and redemptive work of God in the world.

Each person is on a spritiual journey

We believe each of us is at a different stage of that journey.

Each person is unique and valuable

It is the will of God that every person belong to a family of faith where they have a strong sense of being valued and loved.

We believe in the power of peace

We believe in the power of peace, and work for nonviolent solutions to local, national, and international problems.


Come as you are

We want you to come just as you are. When you walk through our doors you may see people in suits and ties, but you will also see people in jeans and t-shirts. We want to make sure when you visit you are comfortable and that is all that matters to us. As long you are come through our doors, we want to make sure you feel loved and welcomed. If you ever need anything, always feel free to connect with us. We love to hear from our new visitors. 


Get to know the Ephesians Church staff

Janet Ross

Rev. Janet Ross is the latest and greatest thing to come to Amistad Chapel. She can see and share God's word effortlessly through everyday stories and experiences. She is a yoga enthusiast and a passionate fair trade business owner working with artist in Haiti. She has a wonderful husband, Joel, and together they have six children.

Angela Lynard

Angela is our Minister of Music. She fills our church and congregation with what many would consider the voice of an angel. She has been with our church for over 5 years. She can also be heard with The Oikos Ensemble, a spirited jazz ministry that performs across the United States.